Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween NYC 2010

 Me as "Medusa"
 "Rachel Zoe"
a toddler as "Chucky"
Oh how I love Halloween...especially in a fun city like NYC! Anyone can throw on a scary mask but I love when people get really creative with their costume. Above are a few of my favorites from yesterday and my costume as well. I really liked the idea of making my hair look like snakes and putting snakes in my hair. The funniest and creepiest was the little kid dressed up as "Chucky"...wearing no mask, no wig! Hope your Halloween was fun, safe, and memorable. Time to start thinking of the costume ideas for next year :)


  1. Love, love, love your Medusa costume lil sis! I've seen some Medusas before but yours is by far the most glamorous and fashionable ;-) Glad you had a Happy Halloween and looking forward to next year's costume idea.