Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Very Fashionable Husband

I sometimes complain that my husband likes to shop more than I do! To be honest, I actually like it (but don't tell him). Fashion is such a big part of my life that it only makes sense to have a husband that's a fashionisto :) How many women can say that their husband has helped them search the shelves of the Barney's Warehouse Sale for Christian Louboutin pumps?! He was excited about getting a great deal on his D&G tuxedo for our wedding and wanted only Ferragamo shoes to match! He looks forward to getting his new GQ (and Men's Health) magazine every month. He's a perfect match for me! It's fun getting dressed with my husband because we both give each other "real" advice. When I ask if I should wear a certain belt with an outfit I get a honest response and if he asked what shoes to wear I give him a honest answer and we both can appreciate that.

With any fashionista (or fashionisto) my husband's sense of style has evolved over the years. He's always like to shop (you can ask his mom) but he's traded in his baggy velour Air Jordan sweatsuits for slim European cut Ted Baker suits....and I really like it. He now gets all his dress shirts tailored to perfectly fit his lean figure and his jeans have gotten skinner and skinner. He gets teased sometimes for embracing his new found knowledge the slim fit. But he always takes it in stride. I was recently looking at pictures of us together and I jokingly said to him, "You're a great accessory, you're better than a Birkin bag!". Now he didn't like to be compared to a purse (hahaha!) but I said it because we compliment each other really well and I love being seen with him when he's all decked out :)

I heard a quote recently during the 2009 Emmy's red carpet coverage that made me think of my hubby. Someone said that a lot of the men's tuxedo's were too big on them. The person said something like "sometimes men don't know how to wear clothes properly". I can honestly say that my guy's one of the ones that gets it right. My husband really thinks about what he puts on before walking out the door and cares about his appearance. It's one of the reasons why I love him. So ladies don't be afraid to embrace your man's sense of style, be proud of it! Encourage him to get those designer shoes or complement him on what he's wearing every once in awhile. You know how wonderful it feels when someone says your outfit looks'd be surprised but guys like it too!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Evolution of a Tomboy

I recently referred to myself as a "self proclaimed cross-dresser". It may sound funny but it' true. I remember wearing my charcoal grey men's GAP sweatpants for an entire semester of my first year in college (I'm actually wearing them right now as I write this)! I call that period of my life my emancipation of private school skirts for 13 years. But revolting against khaki and plaid pleated skirts aside, I tend to prefer wearing men's clothes. There is something about the over-sized fit and bagginess that engulfs me and makes me feel so comfortable.

Since the charcoal grey sweatpants college phase, I have tried to confront my boyish wardrobe tendencies. I examined my closet and got rid of a “few” t-shirts. I made a conscience effort to only wear sneakers with my jeans twice a week. I even vowed to a friend last summer that I would start wearing "girlish" clothes more. With all this effort, I still find myself prowling the men’s section in H&M. So I have decided that I just need to accept my masculine dressing habits and be proud of my transgender style!

Nowadays though, I'm not feeling so alone. I love seeing some many of my fellow rebellious females shopping the men’s section with no shame. From boyfriend jeans to over-sized cardigans,my tomboy wardrobe has been able to evolve. I just hope all those newly converted tomboys continue to wear those over-sized blazers and t-shirts. I know I will. So for all my curious ladies out there, go on…take a look in your boyfriend or husband’s closet. Take that crisp white woven shirt to wear over your leggings with a cute belt. Instead of your jean jacket, borrow one of his cardigans to go run errands on a Saturday. Don’t be afraid to let your inner tomboy come out every once in awhile!

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's official....evinascott is now a blogger :)

I have a blog....this is crazy! I think this will be a great way to share ideas and get feedback on ideas or projects I'm working on. Feel free to drop me a line whenever you like. I want to try and post at least every stay tuned :)