Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My "Best of" List in Fashion for 2009

As this year comes to a close, I'd like to reflect on some of my favorite fashion moments and people of 2009. I know you're probably sick of the endless "best of" lists for 2009 but one more won't hurt :) I wish everyone a Happy New Year! Make 2010 your best year yet!
5. Men's fashion - I don't know if we owe it to Mad Men or men in the USA embracing the Euro slim look but this year brought the return of the gentlemen. A lot of guys brought their "A" game in the fashion department and I for one absolutely LOVE it. Keep it going into the new decade fellas!
4. Lady Gaga - is there really anything else to say?? Lady Gaga reminded me this year that one of the most important elements of fashion is to just have fun with it! She also inspired a plethora of Halloween costumes :)
3. The Super Skinny Jean - I have been wearing skinny jeans since high school (I will never forget my first pair of Parasuco jeans!). I'm glad everyone else is finally following suite. I'm trying to build up my inventory in them before the trends over...but I'll still be wearing them!
2. Rihanna - It was nice to see a woman of color powering many of the trends in 2009. I don't think there has been more women (of all colors) obsessed with her hair cut since "The Rachel"! She's also not afraid to switch it up and that's what I like most!
1. Michelle Obama - Other than the monumental moment of our first African American president being sworn in this year, our first lady has brought fashion back into the White House. With her beautiful designer attire from Jason Wu and Isabel Toledo and economically friendly wears from J.Crew, Mrs. Obama has brought the style and elegance of Jackie O back to Washington. I'm so excited that we have 3 more years of it - maybe even more!

Friday, December 18, 2009

How to throw a great holiday party!

Tis' the season to..... mingle! I love hostessing parties at my place, be it Game Night, Summer Brunch, or a Holiday Party. I've listed some of the things that I consider when planning a party. It's always great to get advise and new ideas on how to be "the hostess with the mostest"!

  • Holiday Wardrobe: If you're hostessing a holiday party don't forget the bling! My fave holiday piece this year is a great red and silver sequins top I snagged at TopShop for $20!! Aqua exclusively at Bloomingdale's also has a great sequin tank top dress that is perfect hostess attire.

  • Politically Correct Menu: I always like to make sure I cook at least one vegeterian friendly meal and a couple veggie appetizers. Even if you don't think anyone coming to the party is a vegeterian, it's better to be safe than sorry.
  • Pick a Color/Theme: Pick a fun color or theme and get plates, utensils, and decor to bring the idea to life. It makes the party that much more interesting and exciting for your guests.
  • Potluck Time: Need help with the menu? Ask your guests to bring their favorite holiday dishes to help with the workload. You can even have them bring the print out of the recipe so you can swap recipes! If they don't know their way around a kitchen, wine is always a great substitution :)
  • Have a Signature Party Cocktail: To avoid opening multiple bottles of wine all night, create a signature cocktail for the evening. You can prepare pitchers of your special concoction prior to the event and just refill your punch bowl. Some great holiday drink ideas are spiked apple cider and winter sangria (also known as a bishop).
  • The Season of Giving: I started asking my holiday party guests to bring unwrapped toys and books to our party. We then make a donation to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of NYC. Find a charity in your area and make sure you have your party before their toy drive cut off date.

Finally, make sure you plan ahead and create a great seasonal music playlist for your party. I love to hear classic holiday songs that I grew up listening to. Happy Holidays!!!