Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dresser Top Make-Over

If you're anything like me...you probably leave the top of your dresser looking like a bomb exploded on it in the morning. I normally have make-up, jewelry and bobby-pins scattered all over the place only to come home that evening wondering, "what was I doing this morning?" Well I've come up with a solution that seems to be working out quite nicely. I went over to one of my favorite places, The Container Store , and searched to see what they might have to help. I finally decided on the above wooden bathroom accessories to house my make-up and jewelry. Now when I'm doing my make-up in the morning (not lucky enough to have a lovely vanity bathroom yet) I grab my make-up brushes from their "toothbrush holder" and drop them right back in when I'm done. I grab my bronzer and blush from the wide box and place them back nicely. It's helped my morning routine run a little smoother....now if I could just get out of the bed without snoozing 3 times, I'll be in great shape!

1 comment:

  1. Cute, trendy yet functional idea. Great job lil sis! I like it :)