Saturday, June 26, 2010

Game Day!

So I missed Fun Fashion Friday yesterday but I did spend the day
shopping! We're at our last city of the trip, Melville, which is known
as the SoHo of the Jo'burg area. I checked out a few really cool stores.
Black Coffee, a well known South African fashion line, had some really
cool dresses and awesome harem pants. They also had really nice
leather jewelry pieces. Nap was another great store that reminded me
of Anthropologie. I was able to get some cool home decor gifts for the
fam :) Finally, SKA, right in the heart of Melville had really fun
tops, dresses and accessories. I brought a Marc Jacob'esque top that I
can't wait to wear back home!
Heading to Rustenburg now for the USA vs Ghana Round of 16 match :)
Today I'm rocking a new pair of mini USA flag earrings that I also
bought at SKA. Go USA!!!


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  1. I'm so glad you're having such a nice time and only a true Fashionista such as yourself can find Fashion Friday deals clear across the world ;-) I love it! Wishing you safe travels back and enjoy your last few days in SA. Love Big Sis