Monday, June 28, 2010

Discovering the beauty of Soweto

Despite the USA result against Ghana Saturday, I had a great Sunday
discovering Soweto. It's a township technically in Jo'burg and it's
name is short for South Western Township. The experience was amazing!
We walked the streets of Soweto with a local guide. She showed us
where she lived (basically a one room shack for her and her husband
and daughter). We went to the area where the June 16, 1976 Youth
Uprising occurred as well as where Nelson Mandela lived. We went to an
authentic "braai" which is a South African outdoor barbeque. We
finished off our day at a small "shebeen" or bar to watch the England
and Germany game with more locals. Everyone in Soweto was so kind and
so happy to see us there. I've never felt so welcomed in a place
before in my life! I was inspired by the people there that even though
they didn't have much they were so full of life.
I'm heading to the airport now :( I've had an amazing time here in
South Africa and I can't wait to return for another vacation


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  1. Welcome home lil sis! I can't wait to hear all about your trip and see pictures. I'm so glad that you and Brent had such a great experience. This is definitely something for your memory books and it sounds like you might head back that way in the future. Love, Big Sis