Thursday, April 15, 2010

My new treasures!

Yesterday I finally checked out a few boutiques that I've been wanting to visit. Look at the fun goodies I got! I brought the ring (which I was surprised fit my tiny fingers) from OAK in NYC on Bond St. I got the beautiful cuff (which also was small enough for my skinny wrist) from Convent in NYC on Stanton and Clinton...such a cute place and the owner Travis was a sweetheart!


  1. Nice pieces!!! I'll be up there in June for a meeting and would love to visit this spot. I'll share more details with you later. Love ya!!!

  2. Cute finds! I'm trying to incorporate more jewelry in my wardrobe these days (thanks to your blog advice) and I love the unique one of a kind pieces. Maybe I'll search around and see if we have any similar boutiques here in DC. I'm sure we do, I just need to do some leg work...Connor and I can hit the streets with his stroller...hahaha. Love, Eb