Friday, April 16, 2010

A City Romance "preview"...

Here's a little preview of some still life images for my styling class final. I think I like this styling thing, especially still life!!! The adorable skirt is from a great vintage shop The Sweet Ones that a friend of mine told me about (his friend owes it!). It's great for styling shoots because they have awesome rental rates and really cool finds. I LOVE the flower earrings I got from Top Shop in these images. Stay tuned for the finish product which is due on April 29th!


  1. i likes! very cool. - syl

  2. You seem to have opened A LOT of wine during your photo shoot!
    Nonetheless, you were able to take some very pretty shots! :-)

  3. Great photos! You are so creative and such a natural at this lil sis. I'm glad you're enjoying the class. Please keep the fashion tips and list of stores coming...I enjoy reading and following your blog ;-) Love, Eb