Sunday, November 8, 2009

Have your own Barney's Warehouse Sale!

Everyone is trying to save money these days. I haven't been doing as much damage this fall shopping season but I have been able to score some new duds. About a month or so ago when the winter weather really started to show it's face in NYC. I was faced with the duty of switching out the summer wardrobe with the winter wardrobe. Every year it's always an exciting task as I crack open my large blue plastic bin and say, "Oh, I forgot about that sweater!". It's one of the ways I can play mind games with myself that I have a brand new wardrobe (it normally only last for a week or so).

This year however a couple of friends and I came up with a great idea. After we all went through our wardrobe switch we collected our bag of "give-aways". You know, the bag that forms of clothes that you find you haven't worn for a few years or they don't quite fit the way they did a year ago. I normally stare at this bag by my door for a few weeks before I finally take it to my neighborhood thrift store.

This time around though, I took the bag over to my friend's place and we all poured out our trash to become someone else's treasure. It was really fun! Some articles of clothing had stories behind them. Some pieces were returned right back to the bag in which they came. At the end of the night, we all gathered our new goodies and treasured them as if we just found the best steals at the Barney's Warehouse Sale....but they were free! So if you feel the urge to enhance your winter wardrobe but your wallet is pointing and laughing at you...get some girlfriends together and make a night of it! Just remember these are your no elbows or tackling over a cashmere sweater, ok?


  1. Great idea and definitely worth trying with my divas next year. Thanks lil sis!!!

  2. this sounds like a fun girls nite project, luv it