Monday, November 30, 2009

Being a fashionable jet-setter!

Hello everyone!

I know it's been awhile, but I'm back from my travels with lots to blog about :) During my crazy month of travel this past November I witnessed many faux-pas. So I thought, "I should share some of my travel tips to help others become savvy jet-setters!"

First things first, when packing, I always keep in mind of the following:
  • If possible use distinguishable luggage or place something special on your luggage to identify it easily.
  • Men should always pack a collared shirt and women appropriate dress attire (I recently went to a resort with my husband and many of the restaurants required men to wear pants and collared shirts).
  • Pack mix and match pieces so you can create some variety in your vacation wardrobe.
  • Base most of your packing on the shoes you want to take (I don't bring a pair of shoes that I can only wear with one outfit!)
Now that the packing is done, it's time to get to your travel destination. My first piece of traveling advise is a quote from Nina Garcia, "A cashmere sweater will get a first class upgrade before a tracksuit". Now I'm all for being comfortable when traveling but I'm also a huge advocate of people putting more effort into their appearances. There is no need to wear your pajamas on a flight. Some of my flight attire tips are low-rise jeans (so your waist doesn't feel too constricted), linen drawstring trousers, or a knit or matte jersey dress or skirt (with leggings perhaps if you're prone to getting cold). Next is tackling the airport security line efficiently, it's all about proper footwear and carry-on bag. Be prepared, place all your personal items like keys, phone, and wallet into a outer pocket of a carry-on bag with a zipper. If you're wearing a jacket with zippered pockets, place everything in there and zip the pockets before taking it off. I normally always wear slip on shoes when traveling and this helps tremendously at airport security.

So now we're through security and we're getting on the plane. One of my biggest pet-pives is people that get up before their group or row is called on the flight. Just wait your turn, if everyone did it it would help the boarding process a lot. Also, follow the rules regarding carry-on luggage. If you're only allowed one "appropriate size carry-on" - which shouldn't be longer than 22"-26" - and one small personal item, don't try to board with 4 separate bags. And with that being said, when stowing carry-ons always remember "wheels facing out or in" not all kinds of sideways.

Now that you're settling into your seat I'll give you one of my new favorite travel tips. Get a small bag ladies (I use one of my cute little LeSportsac insert bags) and place the following items in it: earplugs, gum, your cell phone, iPod/MP3 player, pain reliever, and headphones. This can stay right in the seat back pocket so you can get to it conveniently during the flight or while taxiing. I also always like to make sure to bring a bottle of water and small snack onboard because you never know how long it may take for the flight attendants to start beverage services due to turbulance or a long taxiing time.

So there you have it...just a few tips to help you on your next trip. And in the words of my favorite airline JetBlue..."Happy Jetting!"


  1. Thanks for those laughs lil sis and the helpful advice. I'll be sure to pop out my "Vina Travel Do's and Don'ts Guide" for my next trip ;-)

  2. Excellent tips Miss Jetsetter!!

  3. Enjoyed the post Evina! Can't wait to put them to use on my next trip.