Saturday, December 11, 2010

For The Man Who Has Everything!

My husband is an interesting person to buy a gift for. I wouldn't necessarily say he's the man with everything...he did snag me :) But he is the man that buys everything that he wants. This makes this time of year a little tricky. I luckily only have to worry about this around this time of year since his birthday and Christmas are only a week and a half a part. So what do you get the man that buys everything he wants??? I've learned to wait until the very last moment to buy! If I know he really wants something, I give it to him for his birthday (the sooner he gets it equals less time for him to try and buy it himself). It's a dangerous game to play, but someone has to do it. So while everyone else is looking at all their lovely gifts nicely wrapped under the Christmas tree...I'll be running around (and typing away on my keyboard - ecommerce, hello!) collecting all my darlings goodies at the very last minute!
Happy Holidays!

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