Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lions, leopards and kudu...oh my!

We left the Sabi Sands Game Lodge today after an exciting 24 hours. We
went on a sunset game tour where we saw lots of impalas and kudu (a
well known animal here in S.A.). We rode through a huge herd of
African buffalos and found (and followed) a female leopard while she
searched for prey. The highlight of our evening ride was two lionesses
eating on a young giraffe :(
During the 6am morning ride we spotted three more different lionesses
(beginning their day long nap), hippos resting in the water, and the
same herd of African buffalos. After breakfast we did a bush
walk...yes I said walk! We went on foot with an armed ranger walking
many of the same paths we rode. We came across a wildebeest named
George, black-back jackels, and an one horn male impala.
The highlight of today was stubbling across a group of giraffes as we
drove down the road in our car leaving the game lodge!!! Awesome! Next
stop Pretoria...


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  1. glad I found your blog! the trip sounds amazing! I can't wait to hear all of the stories! -Jenn