Friday, June 11, 2010

Journey to South Africa...

photos from the Send-Off Series match USA vs Turkey
Today is the's finally here! I depart for my awesome cross-country vacation in South Africa. I'm looking forward to the many funny stories I'm sure I'll have to tell when I get back. Stories related to renting cars in a country where they drive on the left instead of right (and using a stick-shifts with my left hand), cruising in Land Rover's on safari through Kruger National Park where elephants can just walk across the street right in front of us, and of course the intensity of watching live World Cup matches like USA vs Solvenia and Ivory Coast vs Brazil! I promise to do my best to blog, Tweet, and Facebook my journey.
So get ready...South Africa here we come!

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  1. Have a GREAT TIME and ENJOY Mr. and Mrs. Parrish. I can't wait to hear stories, see pictures and follow your blog. Love, Eb