Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No clogs coming my way…

One trend that I cannot commit to this Spring 2010 season is clogs! Don’t get me wrong ladies (and gents! work it), I think many of this season’s styles are absolutely adorable but I just can’t pull them off. My first time around with the clog trend didn’t work out due to my miniature ankles as a teenager. I did own a pair regardless of my petite below the knee frame but I probably shouldn’t have. (I know you guys wish I had a picture of that! haha). And though I’ve grown physically and my fashion sense has matured, I still can’t bring myself to exaggerate and expose my scrawny ankles with those chunky heels. However I encourage those with substantial calves, ankles and confidence, to march to your own drum and don the famous footwear of our pioneering Dutchmen! Check out the awesome selection of clogs Bloomingdale's is offering for the season (pictured in photos above).

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