Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Evolution of a Tomboy

I recently referred to myself as a "self proclaimed cross-dresser". It may sound funny but it' true. I remember wearing my charcoal grey men's GAP sweatpants for an entire semester of my first year in college (I'm actually wearing them right now as I write this)! I call that period of my life my emancipation of private school skirts for 13 years. But revolting against khaki and plaid pleated skirts aside, I tend to prefer wearing men's clothes. There is something about the over-sized fit and bagginess that engulfs me and makes me feel so comfortable.

Since the charcoal grey sweatpants college phase, I have tried to confront my boyish wardrobe tendencies. I examined my closet and got rid of a “few” t-shirts. I made a conscience effort to only wear sneakers with my jeans twice a week. I even vowed to a friend last summer that I would start wearing "girlish" clothes more. With all this effort, I still find myself prowling the men’s section in H&M. So I have decided that I just need to accept my masculine dressing habits and be proud of my transgender style!

Nowadays though, I'm not feeling so alone. I love seeing some many of my fellow rebellious females shopping the men’s section with no shame. From boyfriend jeans to over-sized cardigans,my tomboy wardrobe has been able to evolve. I just hope all those newly converted tomboys continue to wear those over-sized blazers and t-shirts. I know I will. So for all my curious ladies out there, go on…take a look in your boyfriend or husband’s closet. Take that crisp white woven shirt to wear over your leggings with a cute belt. Instead of your jean jacket, borrow one of his cardigans to go run errands on a Saturday. Don’t be afraid to let your inner tomboy come out every once in awhile!


  1. Anything other than jean jackets are a welcome sight!

  2. Don't hate on the jean jacket sweetie :) but I did wear your cardigan to work yesterday instead of a jacket!

  3. you're just a hotie. you have the ability to still look cute in menswear. if i put on nicks clothes i think people would think i wore my fathers clothes as a sorority dare. that's if i'm luckie and they don't think i'm in high school. lol.

  4. Evina I NEVER thought to go to the men's section in order to participate in the boyfriend jeans trend. I ordered some "boyfriend jeans" from an online retailer and I absolutely hate them. I still dont know why I didnt send them back. I will def be hitting up the men's sections of some stores this weekend!